What we do

We take advantage of our experience in diverse areas of agri-business to identify risks and opportunities, and strategize towards the success of our clients. Once an issue or opportunity is identified and the strategy well defined, we offer to fully implement and monitor the project in order to guarantee its lasting success. Finally, through our management services we count on more than 50 years of experience to ensure that the purpose is met and the project prospers.



We believe that a thorough evaluation and an accurate planning can determine the success of a project. Our team gets involved in the field and relies on its extensive know-how to understand our clients’ needs and plan accordingly to overcome challenges and achieve goals.


Business Opportunity studies;

Analytics strategies;

Business Plans;

Feasibility studies;

Performance improvement plans;

Innovation strategies;

Evaluation of projects.


Rico Gado Agritec develops leading projects that aim at long term sustainability.

We maintain a network of contacts with key agri-business input suppliers to provide the best quality equipment and latest technology tailored to the specific needs of each client.

We make sure that our experienced teams are involved not only in the implementation stage, but also during all the project life cycle, assuring a continuous support to our clients’ challenges.

Deliver Turn Key projects;

Convert strategies into specific projects;

Supervise implementation stage;

Provide project-specific equipment and technology;

Assure the quality and maintenance of the equipment supplied.


Having more than 50 years of experience in managing agricultural businesses, we guarantee our teams deliver the best management assistance to our clients.

Through our management services we ensure that our clients sustain a continued development of their businesses and achieve their goals.

Complete management from Agritec team;

Management Support:

 - Provide management manpower;

- Tailored management solutions;

- Coordinate management structures;

- Train local staff.


Being part of a corporate group with a strong industrial presence in the Agricultural sector, Rico Gado Agritec works as a trading platform focused on Africa and the Middle East for the several products produced by J. Silva Group companies. In addition to that, we also make available to our clients a wider variety of agricultural products and equipments produced by a consistent network of suppliers that have been working with us for many years.

Livestock feeds, pet foods, natural mixtures, cereals and dried vegetables;

Wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment;

Field crops, forage and vegetable Seeds;

Diverse portfolio of fertilizers;

Beef and its derivatives.

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